• Modification of rbldnsd zone files

    April 24, 2004

    In order to prevent future confusion, we are changing the names of the rbldnsd zone files from .rbldns to .rbldnsd . If you are using rbldnsd, please update your rsync and cron configs to use the slightly revised .rbldnsd names. For now both old and new names are being served, but we may want to stop providing the deprecated names at some point in future. If you're using the old names, please update to the new ones. We expect the new names to be stable. The changes to the rbldnsd zone file names are:  -->  -->  -->

    (For background, there are two RBL name server programs with similar names but different functionality: rbldnsd and rbldns. Zone files in rbldnsd implement a superset of rbldns, most relevantly for SURBLs in the ability to serve domain names, where rbldns can only serve IP addresses. The two programs are therefore only partially compatible, and similar enough to cause potential confusion. SURBL zone files won't work with rbldns. They do work with rbldnsd.)

SURBL Data Feed Request

SURBL Data Feeds offer higher performance for professional users through faster updates and resulting fresher data. Freshness matters since the threat behavior is often highly dynamic, so Data Feed users can expect higher detection rates and lower false negatives.

The main data set is available in different formats:

Rsync and DNS are typically used for mail filtering and RPZ for web filtering. High-volume systems and non-filter uses such as security research should use rsync.

For more information, please contact your SURBL reseller or see the references in Links.

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    Direct data feed access offers better filtering performance with fresher data than is available on the public mirrors. Sign up for SURBL Data Feed Access.

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